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If you are suffering from a traumatic brain injury, there are Amarillo brain injury attorneys who can help you and your family.

Have you or someone you love suffered from a traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) due to the negligence of another person or company? Do you live near the Amarillo, Texas area? If the answer is yes, then you should speak with an Amarillo traumatic brain injury attorney/traumatic brain injury lawyer in the Amarillo Texas area.

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Amarillo is a unique town with many fun and interesting pursuits. Here, residents can choose to grab a hot dog and enjoy baseball with the Dillos or the Amarillo Sox, or they can enjoy fine dining at BL Bistro and hit the art museum. If the outdoors is your thing, then hiking at Palo Duro Canyon is a must and birding at Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Refuge is just miles away. However, those that have suffered TBI often cannot enjoy the simple pleasures that bring joy to so many lives. The thought of the roar of the crowd after a well hit ball is frightening to those that suffer migraines as a result of their injury, and depression can turn any outdoor pursuit into a reason to stay home. Recent advances in medicine have linked many complicated symptoms following head trauma to TBI. If you have suffered a TBI, contact an experienced Abilene brain injury lawyer. TBI can be a life changing ordeal, but it is possible to begin to repair your life. Contact one of the skilled Panhandle attorneys that handle TBI cases and find out what your options are.

Why Should I Contact an Amarillo Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney/TBI Law Firm?

An experienced Amarillo brain injury attorney will understand the specific details surrounding a TBI case. The damages in a TBI case can often be very difficult to calculate. For example, it is insufficient to review the records and the accident reports to determine the damages in a TBI case. Instead, the costs of future medical care and long-term care expenses must be taken into account. Otherwise, the true cost of sustaining the Traumatic Brain Injury will be dramatically under-calculated, leaving the victims to foot the bill for the negligent party’s substandard conduct. It takes the skill of an experienced Amarillo TBI Lawyer to prove these long-term damages with experts such as health care planners and economists. These cases require a special attention to detail, and an understanding of how a TBI can affect different parts of the brain in different ways.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury (aka “TBI”)?

TBI is a specific type of damage to the brain. The results of a TBI can be devastating to the victim and those who care for the victim. The effects of TBI can prevent you from working, attending school, caring for your family, and/or leading a normal life. TBI can result in a concussion, a contusion, hematoma, or a diffuse axonal injury, just to name a few. TBI can happen, for example, when: (1) the head is violently shaken (usually from whiplash or shaken baby syndrome), (2) the head hits a stationary object (e.g., falling down or the head hitting a windshield inside a car, (3) is hit by an object (usually from flying debris, being struck, or construction accidents), and (4) the head is penetrated (e.g., by a nail, rod, bullet/gunshot, or otherwise). Brain injuries are generally most often caused by workplace accidents and car accidents/car crash, but they can be caused by multiple causes.

The severity of TBI can vary from “mild” (short-term confusion, feeling “hazy”, etc.) to “severe” (long period of unconsciousness, a coma, or perhaps a vegetative state). Victims of “mild” TBI sometimes do not initially know they have suffered from TBI because the brain damage my not show up on the standard tests conducted in an emergency room. However, victims can experience loss of memory, migraines/severe headaches, nausea, suicidal thoughts, vomiting, depression, an inability to concentrate, change in personality, or potentially even more devastating symptoms if the TBI goes undiagnosed.

Causes of TBI Include:

  • Objects dropped on the Head
  • Sports Injuries/Concussions
  • Being Hit by an Object
  • Explosions
  • Car Accidents
  • Battery
  • Falling Down
  • Slip and Falls







Coping with the Challenges of a Brain Injury in Amarillo

Every injury is different and TBI is no exception. Because the symptoms of TBI vary greatly based on which part of the brain is effected it is difficult to assess just what the changes to your life might be. What is clear is that changes that occur as the result of an injury can be frustrating and difficult to repair. That is why Texas law and the Amarillo courts provide a remedy for those changes. TBI can require retraining at West Texas A&M because you are unable to return to your old job. It can mean treatment at one of Amarillo’s mental health facilities because all of the enjoyment you once had with your children at the Abilene Zoo has disappeared in a flood of tears. It can highlight the high cost of health care and make a family feel helpless in the face of a lifetime of recovery and nursing. Because TBI is unpredictable, no one can understand all of the consequences it holds. However, an attorney from Amarillo understands the possibilities, and understands the resources available locally for our residents. An attorney from the Panhandle can help make sure you get all of the compensation you are entitled to after you have suffered an injury. Start the road to recovery today and contact an Amarillo brain injury lawyer.




The Texas Brain Injury Support Group provides resources on TBI in Texas.

Support Group Info:

Texas Tech Pharmacy School TBI Support Group
Meetings are on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 7 pm in the Texas Tech Pharmacy School lounge.
Meeting Place:
Texas Tech Pharmacy School
1300 S. Coulter Amarillo Texas
Contact: JoAnn Robertson 806-378-8885

Amarillo TBI Support Group
Meetings are held at the Panhandle Independent Living Center on the first Thursday of the month at 2 pm.
Meeting Place:
Panhandle Independent Living Center
1118 S Taylor
Amarillo Texas
Contact: Bart Hill 806- 374-1400

Amarillo Courts

Potter County 108th District CourtCourt
501 S Fillmore Street #1B
Amarillo, Texas 79101
Phone: (806) 379-2300

Potter County 181st District Court
501 S Fillmore Street #1B
Amarillo, Texas 79101
Phone: (806) 379-2300

Potter County Court at Law No. 1
501 S Fillmore Street #1B
Amarillo, Texas 79101
Phone: (806) 379-2375

Potter County 251st District Court
501 S Fillmore Street #1B
Amarillo, TEXAS 79101
Phone: (806) 379-2300

Potter County 320th District Court
501 S Fillmore Street #1B
Amarillo, Texas 79101
Phone: (806) 379-2300





Potter County 47th District Court
501 S Fillmore Street #1B
Amarillo, Texas 79101
Phone: (806) 379-2300

Potter County Court at Law No. 2
501 S Fillmore Street #1B
Amarillo, Texas 79101
Phone: (806) 379-2380






Amarillo Hospitals

Hereford Regional Medical Center
801 E. Third St.
Hereford, Texas 79045
Phone: (806) 364-2141
Fax: (806) 349-9387

Golden Plains Community Hospital
200 S. McGee
Borger, Texas 79007
Phone: (806) 273-1100

Quail Creek Surgical Hospital
6819 Plum Creek Drive
Amarillo, Texas 79106
Phone: (806) 354-6100

Baptist St. Anthony’s Hospital
1600 Wallace Blvd
Amarillo, Texas 79106
Phone: (806) 212-2000

Panhandle Surgical Hospital
7100 West 9th Avenue
Amarillo, Texas 79106
Phone: (806) 212-0247




Finally, if you do not have any money or any healthcare insurance, there are facilities that probably will treat you in Amarillo. They are:

RHN Hereford
125 W Park Ave.
Hereford, Texas 79045-4201
Phone: (806) 364-7688

850 Martin Rd.
Amarillo, Texas 79107-6814
Phone: (806) 374-7341

RHN Amarillo-Tyler Street
200 S Tyler St.
Amarillo, Texas 79101-1448
Phone: (806) 345-7917





Amarillo Community Resources

High Plains Food Bank
815 S. Ross
PO Box 31803
Amarillo , Texas 79120
Phone: (806) 374-8562
Panhandle Community Service
1502 S Cleveland St.
Amarillo, Texas 79102
Phone: (806) 373-0392


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