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Have you or someone you love suffered from a traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) due to the negligence of another person or company? Do you live near the Arlington, Texas area? If the answer is yes, then you should speak with an Arlington traumatic brain injury attorney.

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Arlington, Texas is home to more than 350,000 people. The city is located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. The city is home to the Dallas Cowboys and the super-structure known as Cowboys Stadium, the Texas Rangers, and the University of Texas at Arlington. The city was first founded as an agricultural hub, but has since expanded its economy into other industries over time. Arlington has grown into a sprawling city and now includes or is geographically near a host of medical facilities that are capable of handling traumatic brain injuries. Unfortunately, as happens in any traumatic brain injury, victims’ ability to enjoy their everyday life is generally diminished. Whether their activities include working at Lockheed Martin, or attending one of the many colleges located in Arlington: Arlington Baptist College, Arlington Medical Institute, Tarrant County College, The University of Texas at Arlington, or at nearby Texas Christian University, victims of TBI generally suffer physically, and emotionally. If you or someone you know has suffered from a traumatic brain injury in or around Arlington, Texas, there are experienced TBI attorneys in the Arlington/Tarrant County area who can help you and your family. TBI Attorneys generally understand the sensitive nature of a traumatic brain injury – and the effect it has on the victim and the victim’s family. It is imperative that the individual or company that is responsible for the TBI pay the victim for the harm the perpetrator has caused. These injuries are often very expensive, requiring months, maybe years of rehabilitation – and in some cases, a lifetime change in the daily living routine of the victim.

An Arlington personal injury trial attorney who has experience with TBI cases can help protect your rights and secure the financing necessary to your vital recovery. These cases require the experience of an attorney who is aware of the unique facts presented by a TBI case. Protect yourself by hiring an attorney who can protect you through negotiation and litigation. Contact an Arlington brain injury attorney today.

Why Should I Contact an Arlington Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney?

An experienced TBI attorney will understand the specific details surrounding a TBI case. The damages in a TBI case can often be very difficult to calculate. For example, it is insufficient to review the records and the accident reports to determine the damages in a TBI case. Instead, the costs of future medical care and long-term care expenses must be taken into account. Otherwise, the true cost of sustaining the Traumatic Brain Injury will be dramatically under-calculated, leaving the victims to foot the bill for the negligent party’s substandard conduct. It takes the skill of an experienced Arlington brain injury lawyer to prove these long-term damages with experts such as health care planners and economists. These cases require a special attention to detail, and an understanding of how a TBI can affect different parts of the brain in different ways.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury (aka “TBI”)?

TBI is a unique kind of damage sustained by the brain. The results of a TBI can be devastating to the victim and his or her family. The effects of TBI can prevent you from working, attending school, caring for your family, and/or leading a normal life. TBI can result in a concussion, a contusion, hematoma, or a diffuse axonal injury, just to name a few. TBI can happen, for example, when: (1) the head is violently shaken (usually from whiplash or shaken baby syndrome), (2) the head hits a stationary object (e.g., falling down or the head hitting a windshield inside a car, (3) is hit by an object (usually from flying debris, being struck, or construction accidents), and (4) the head is penetrated (e.g., by a nail, rod, bullet/gunshot, or otherwise). Brain injuries are generally most often caused by workplace accidents and car accidents/car crash, but they can be caused by multiple causes.

The severity of TBI can vary from “mild” (short-term confusion, feeling “hazy”, etc.) to “severe” (long period of unconsciousness, a coma, or perhaps a vegetative state). Victims of “mild” TBI sometimes do not initially know they have suffered from TBI because the brain damage my not show up on the standard tests conducted in an emergency room. However, victims can experience loss of memory, migraines/severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, an inability to concentrate, depression, suicidal thoughts, change in personality, or potentially even more devastating symptoms if the TBI goes undiagnosed.

Causes of TBI

  • Battery
  • Falling Down
  • Slip and Falls
  • Explosions
  • Sports Injuries
  • Concussions
  • Car Accidents
  • Objects dropped on the Head
  • Being Hit by an Object








Coping with a Brain Injury in Arlington

Coping with a brain injury anywhere takes patience, finances, and determination. For many victims of TBI, their entire way of life may have to change. What used to be an easy task, such as attending class at the University of Texas may now be impossible, or an extreme challenge; going to the local Texas Rangers baseball game may take planning and practice; shopping at the Parks Mall in Arlington could require the supervision of another person – these life changes only touch the tip of the iceberg. An Arlington traumatic brain injury attorney understands that what used to be routine and simple tasks could potentially be new challenges for you and your family. Finding an attorney who will fight for your rights while at the same time understanding how your life has changed can make the difference in how you feel about the process of your recovery. An Arlington TBI attorney will likely have the resources you need to learn how to cope with and manage the changes in your family's lives.

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Arlington Courts

If your claim is worth between $10,000 and $100,000 you may file here or in one of the County District Courts:

Tarrant County Civil Court at Law No. 2
100 W Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0240
Phone: (817) 884-1247

Tarrant County Civil Court at Law No. 1
100 W Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0240
Phone: (817) 884-1485

Tarrant County Civil Court at Law No. 3
100 W Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0240
Phone: (817) 884-1440

If your claim is worth over $100,000 you will file here:

Tarrant County 141st Civil District Court
401 W Belknap Street
Fort Worth TX 76196
Phone: (817) 884-1588

Tarrant County 17th Civil District Court
401 W Belknap Street
Fort Worth TX 76196
Phone: (817) 884-1567

Tarrant County 153rd Civil District Court
401 W Belknap Street
Fort Worth TX 76196
Phone: (817) 884-1592

Tarrant County 236th Civil District Court
401 W Belknap Street
Fort Worth TX 76196
Phone: (817) 884-1585

Tarrant County 342nd Civil District Court
200 E Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196
Phone: (817) 884-1594

Tarrant County 348th Civil District Court
401 W Belknap Street
Fort Worth TX 76196
Phone: (817) 884-2787

Tarrant County 352nd Civil District Court
401 W Belknap Street
Fort Worth TX 76196
Phone: (817) 884-1183

Tarrant County 67th Civil District Court
401 W Belknap Street
Fort Worth TX 76196
Phone: (817) 884-1569

Tarrant County 96th Civil District Court
401 W Belknap Street
Fort Worth TX 76196
Phone: (817) 884-1570

Tarrant County 48th Civil District Court
401 W Belknap Street
Fort Worth TX 76196
Phone: (817) 884-2554


Arlington Hospitals

USMD Hospital at Arlington
801 Interstate 20 West
Arlington, Texas 76017-5851
‪Phone: (817) 472-3400 ‬‎

Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital
800 West Randol Mill Road
Arlington, Texas 76012
Phone: (817) 472-3400

Kindred Hospital - Mansfield
1802 Highway 157 North
Mansfield, Texas 76063
Phone: (817) 473-6101

North Hills Hospital

4401 Booth Calloway Road
North Richland Hills, Texas 76180
Phone: (817) 255-1000


Arlington Low Cost Hospitals/Free Clinics

Southeast Community Health Center
3212 Miller Ave
Fort Worth, Texas 76119-1948

Grand Prairie Community Health Center
405 Stadium Dr
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050-3588
(469) 865-1850

2106 N Main Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76164-8511
(817) 625-4254


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